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Vern makes handwoven apparel in the highlands of Guatemala.

Our weavers set their own wages, allowing us to have a positive impact on their communities.



The Making of Vern's Fall Look Pt. 2

October 29, 2014

I was up the next morning at 5AM. I read, drank tea, and wrote until Matthew got up. We walked to Ama, one of the weaving cooperatives, where I was shown to a workroom. The room was small. Rolls of fabric lined one of the walls from floor to ceiling, and there was a small table in the middle. I leafed through stripes, patterns, greens, greys, and beiges until I found a piece of embroidery. For the first hour, one of the women, Dilma, stood next to me and watched, picking up pieces of leather as I cut them from my template, and tracing them on green sheet paper. After a while she wandered off. I worked until 1PM, when... Continue Reading →

The Making of Vern's Fall Look Pt. 1

October 27, 2014

When I first arrived in the Guatemala Airport, I had my passport checked, and walked through “customs”, which consisted of a roped-off corridor that led directly outdoors. A man with a sign was waiting for me. I had been told that he would take me to Antigua – the old Capital, and one of the oldest cities in Guatemala.  When the car pulled up, Matthew greeted me at the door. Matthew is one of the Co-Founders of Vern Heritage - the reason that I came to Guatemala. After talking with the company, picking scarf patterns and designing a couple of prototypes, Vern had arranged for me to meet with the weaving cooperatives, and design a couple of bags and scarves for the... Continue Reading →


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