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Vern makes handwoven apparel in the highlands of Guatemala.

Our weavers set their own wages, allowing us to have a positive impact on their communities.



Wednesday - July 16 - Vern Sale and Fundraiser for Education Fund In Guatemala

July 16, 2014

Vern has been closely following the recent political and humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexican border. More then 52,000 children have crossed the border since October - twice as many as last year. While the US government is trying to decide what to do about the crisis, Vern is holding a sale and fundraiser to help provide opportunities in Guatemala.   

When we started Vern a year ago, we wanted to do more than just create ties, scarves, and apparel.  We wanted to make a difference in the Guatemalan communities that we work in.  This is why we work with weaving cooperatives who set their own fair wages, and why we reserve a part of our profits to support projects in their communities. You can read bellow more about the Education Fund that we donate too. The profits from any sales that we make today will go directly to the Trama Education fund. You can also donate directly by clicking below. 

Vern Supports Clean Stove Project in Guatemala

July 08, 2014

For the past year, Vern has been donating to the Highland Support Project (HSP) whose mission is to promote models of development that empower communities to reclaim their hope and dignity. Vern has specifically supported HSP's Clean Stove building project.

Two of the leading causes of death in the highlands of Guatemala are respiratory illnesses and water-borne contaminants, both of which are the result of cooking on open fires in smoky kitchens. When HSP realized this twenty years ago, they launched the Clean Stove project.


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